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            Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC
            Location Map
            • Wilmington

              6317 Market Street
              Wilmington, NC, US, 28405
              Nor-Tech Dealer
            • Alabama Office

              Orange Beach, AL, US
            • Tampa Office

              Tampa, FL, US
            • New Jersey Office

              Pier 281 Marina, 281 Princeton Ave.
              Brick, NJ, US, 08724
            • Maryland Office

              3033 Kent Narrow Way S, Suite 1
              Grasonville, MD, US, 21638
              Cobia and Nor-Tech Dealer
            • Fort Lauderdale Office

              Harbour Towne Marina
              850 NorthEast Third Street, Suite 209
              Dania Beach, FL, US, 33004

            About Off The Hook Yacht Sales

            Jason Ruegg opened Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC, in 2012, combining his expertise and knowledge in business and marketing with a passion and enthusiasm for boating. The inspiration behind creating this company was to provide a premier service above the competition for all of our clients in the selling, purchase, and/or trade of their boats. We continuously strive to build strong relationships with clients based on exceptional customer service and support. Our goal is to provide customers with a professional and reputable boat brokerage that offers utmost integrity and dependability creating lasting customer relationships.

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            Client Testimonials

            • Tim P
              Tim P
              The guys at Off the Hook Yacht Sales in Wilmington, NC are awesome, and their management and sales team were a pleasure to work with. I flew down from Vermont to look at a Chris Craft I had recently put under deposit. Afterwards, when I decided to not complete the purchase, the integrity and profe...
            • Scott L
              Scott L
              Awesome experience working with Andrew Cooper buying my Regal 35. He worked with me from the beginning to splashing it at my house on the lake. He was honest and stood by his word throughout the entire purchase. Refreshing to work with such integrity. I would highly recommend Andrew and Off The Hook...
            • Jim Cameron
              Jim Cameron
              I would like to thank Off the Hook Yacht Sales for the best boat dealing experience I've had in over 50 years of boat ownership. They are 100% professional and provide excellent advice and direction. Specifically, I'd like to thank Sales Professional KC Harmsen, for his attention to my transaction...
            • Steven Librett
              Steven Librett
              Steven Librett I recently purchased a Sea Ray 330 Sundancer from Dennis Gunn of Off the Hook Yachts Sales and It was a great experience!. Dennis was attentive, responsive and ensured that any issue was immediately resolved, prior to taking delivery of the boat. He continued to answer any question...
            • Scott Worrilow
              Scott Worrilow
              I wanted to take a few minutes to Thank Ryan Gessel from the Brick, NJ Off The Hook YS office. I recently purchased a Pursuit 335 OS from him and I can't say enough good things about this experience. It was just slightly over two weeks from my first call to when I actually boarded the boat to bring ...
            • Julie and Don Marcus
              Julie and Don Marcus
              We highly recommend Brett Stancill and "Off the Hook Yacht Sales" to anyone looking for their perfect boat! My wife and I recently decided to open the next exciting chapter in our lives and chose to move from 2 larger sailboats (we each had our own prior to marrying) to one smaller powe...
            • Dave Pagani
              Dave Pagani
              Had been looking for a Pursuit OS 345, wanted to trade my 30 ft Pursuit to avoid the hassle of selling, was my sixth boat purchase in 10 years. Worked with Phil Johnson, he followed through on all agreed actions/repairs, not normal in this business, I have since referred a couple people looking f...
            • Mark S
              Mark SOff The Hook
              Purchased a 2011 Sea Ray 280 Sundeck at Off The Hook. Phil Johnson was our sales person. Phil was very helpful and informative. We are from out of town and had to travel to check out our boat. We drove 10 hrs each way. When we arrived the boat was ready and hooked up to be test drove in the water...
            • jack flemm
              jack flemm
              Wow, what an unbelievable adventure this purchase has been! Tyler Revis is the best yachtbroker i have ever worked with; and i was a yachtbroker! Tyler helped me obtain a fantastic surveyor, Bert Lomax, and the best transporter in George Thompson, we all worked together, every problem had a solut...
            • Charles Lanier
              Charles Lanier
              I just wanted to say thank you to Kyle G and the entire OTHYS staff for making this a great buying experience. From the time I came up from Atlanta to Wilmington for the survey and the sea trail, Kyle has been a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed with frequent status updates and was avail...
            • David Humphreys
              David Humphreys
              Just took title to a 2015 Edgewater 240is and could not be happier with the boat, as well as the service and fairness Brian Dressler and the rest of the crew at Off the Hook provided throughout the process. They have some beautiful boats on the lot and will take good care of you.
            • Eddy Kooyomjian Jr.
              Eddy Kooyomjian Jr.
              To Jason, Brian, Allie, Andrew and the Off the Hook Crew, I wanted to thank you for making the purchase of my 21' Steiger Craft a great and memorable experience. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to find a boat I had been looking to get for three years, and you made a...
            • Dr. Williams
              Dr. Williams2011 Grady-White 232
              It has been a pleasure doing business with Jason Ruegg, and the OTHYS Team. Jason is very knowledgeable and assisted me in getting the price that I was seeking for my Grady White 2012 Gulfstream. He was very patient, and accessible. I would not hesitate to use his brokerage service to sell my nex...
            • Eddie Merrit
              Eddie Merrit2003 Carver 506
              “Hello, My name is Eddie Merritt and I the proud owner of a Carver 506 Special Edition Motor Yacht purchased from Off the Hook Yacht Sales. Jason Ruegg was my broker and I can say he did everything right to put me in my dream boat. He has also become a friend and we talk frequently. I tell ...
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